The Way to Enjoy Recruitment, Whilst Supplying Strong Talent

The culture and attitude that is needed to change the perception of the recruitment industry, when dealing with recruiters.

I am a very sociable and outgoing individual that loves a challenge. Having a strong drive, motivation and awareness enables me to really understand the key dynamics of the clients I work for.

I always want to go the extra mile when trying to understand what is so important to my clients, along with getting to grips with what the impact would be if a critical role in an organisation was not filled by me.

recruitmentI think, to become outstandingly valuable to your clients and reach the ultimate goal of being a unique and mind-blowing recruiter, you need to have a huge amount of drive in your personal life as well as your professional career… so that your goals can be met, and failure becomes non-existent.

What is equally important is to make sure that you are supplying the best and only the best talent for your clients by being a detective at all times. Just remember, when discussing new opportunities with candidates, you are not only offering a role, but you are there as an agent, to support them with advice and help in securing a better future. Their future is built around career development, cultural fit, aspirations, goals and above all, job satisfaction.

‘People buy from people’ <<< so true

Having “awesome” experiences… This can easily be achieved by having a creative mind, focus, determination and a big personality. Nothing is more refreshing for a client/candidate when you constantly have a fresh and unique approach!

Check that you are with an agency that has a plan to succeed and a strategy to over-achieve!

Recruitment is such a rewarding and fun role to be in, but only when you are given the right opportunity to succeed.

That is by:

  • Being able to be vocal and have an opinion in order to be constantly developing yourself and new opportunities
  • Having investment in staff and a personal development plan
  • Making sure that the current workforce is aligned with Social Media
  • Constantly learning about technology – this is key when wanting to become a valuable part of a client’s recruitment process

Thanks for reading!