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Most of us forget that a first interview is a ‘second date’ of sorts. Employers have already screened your resume and have decided that they would like to get to know you more. Like any second date, we are more prone to anxiety in anticipation. Enter KTPersonnel. To make sure that you nail that interview, we have brought to you our top 5 novel ideas that will not just dial down the stress-head in you, but also boost your chances of being ‘The One’ for your employer.

Try these unconventional (and quirky) tips that will help you ooze charisma from the moment you step into the hot seat.

  1. Wear Colour

Now, this doesn’t mean ‘turn up like a rainbow’. Be sophisticatedly colourful. Opt for a cobalt blue blouse or a prominent blue tie. This will a) give off a positive vibe and b) make the interviewee remember you i.e. ‘the guy with the striking tie was great.’

  1. Work Out

Even a quick 15-minute jog or a session of yoga, before you get ready for the interview, can decrease stress levels. This is because during exercise our body releases endorphins that “elevate and stabilize mood and improve self-esteem” (Anxiety and Depression Association of America).

  1. Power Pose It Up!

Striking a power pose is a stance on how you feel about yourself. Body language is key as it speaks volumes about who we are. People can tell within the first few seconds of meeting you whether you’re calm, confident and ready to face whatever comes your way (not just during the interview but in the job you are vouching for as well). So make sure that you sit-up straight, take slow and deep breaths and smile before you walk in.

  1. Right Place, Right time

According to Science Daily, the worst time to be interviewed is on the start of the day on Monday, when hirers want to get work started, and the end of the day on Friday, when they want to get home. We suggest, if you can, bag a late morning slot anytime between Tuesday and Thursday to undermine any chances of being a ‘victim’ of the wrong time.

  1. If you can make them laugh, you can make them say YES!

The fastest way to connect with people is through emotion. And laughter is the best way to build a bond between you and the interviewee. This takes the edge off from the interview being dry and stressful, and also makes you seem as an approachable employee.

So, whether you’re full-time or part-time, a freelancer or a solopreneur, try these quirky unique techniques and get HIRED!